Athlete Signup and Entry List
We are utilizing Lin-Mark Computer Sports, Inc for event registration and timing. Lin-Mark provides exceptional chip timing and support services for sports events. The results will be posted both during the event, on the Lin-Mark site and on this web site.

All athletes will be required to sign a release to participate in the Triathlon, the 3 mile swim, or the 1.8 mile swim. The waiver will be completed during the registration process.
Triathlon 1 Swim:

3 Mile and 1.8 Mile Swim Course

We are expecting the water temperature to be around 68 degrees by the first week of May. Take a look at the Maryland DNR statistics for the Nanticoke River. Wet suits are highly recommended. Bonzai Sports will provide wet suit rentals at a special daily rate for this event. You must register for the wet suite prior to race day. A link will be provided directly to their rental site.

The swim course will be an in the water start and sandy beach finish. The start will begin in shallow water next to a jetty. Swimmers will swim out beyond the end of the jetty and turn right to begin a triangular section of the course.

Triathlon participants refer to the triathlon page.

3 mile participants
in light blue caps will complete a triangle with approximate distances of .9 mile and then return to the finish. The triangle will be marked by buoys and boats. The three mile participants will go around the triangle two times before returning to the beach for the finish. During the finish, keep the buoy on your left, turn into the finish stretch for last 300 yards to a sandy beach. Finish line will be beyond the grassy dune. On the 3 mile course there will be two boats on the far corners to aid in navigation, in addition to several buoys and lifeguards with paddleboards.

1.8 mile participants will complete the same course as the 3 mile participants except they will only complete one time around the triangle portion.

For Rules and Regulations: All Segments Click Here

• Wearing swim goggles or a face mask is recommended, but optional
• No fins, paddles, snorkels or flotation devices of any kind allowed
• Traditional wetsuits are not required but are highly recommended.
• Timing Chips must be properly fixed on your ankle
• No individual paddlers or escorts allowed. Course will be adequately patrolled by surfboards, kayaks and patrol boats
• Time penalties may be imposed on athletes not behind the official start line 5 minutes prior to race start.
• Swimmers are required to stay on course, swim counterclockwise and keep course markers on their left. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. A line of boats will flank the river side of the swim route.
• Any assistance required during the swim will result in disqualification.
• Contestants that are swimmers only will remove the chip timer off their angle and give to the officials. This is a security measure designed to maintain an accurate count of swimmers in an out of the water above and beyond the electronic chip counting system.

The bike course is a 15.2 mile and is described here.

The run course is 3.1 miles and is described here.

Temperatures are expected to be in the 68 degree range.
Wet suit rentals are provided through Bonzai Sports.